Our primary focus is on personal and organizational development and performance management consulting. Let us work with your team to understand your unique requirements, make recommendations and design solutions that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Recent successful projects include:

  • Development of several customized, in-house sales and service programs designed to be delivered by our clients own personnel
  • Development of a home interiors based selling skills program for seasoned industry sales personnel focused on shifting emphasis on to customers with a heightened sense of design, color and style
  • Development of a sophisticated set of business specific performance management materials including quick reference, cases and workshops intended to elevate managers ability to facilitate effective planning, coaching and annual review conversations with their employee groups
  • Worked with a client group to conduct a thorough analysis of existing personnel, competitive business environment and provide a thorough Succession Planning plan for the years ahead including ongoing development recommendations

We work with your organization directly to ensure you receive a solution that fits your needs. Whether you’re looking for assistance planning, a specialized training program or a general assessment and advice, CTC can handle it.

Take a moment to look at the Needs Assessment form below:

Note: These questions can be answered as an organization, function, department, team or individual.

  1. Describe the current situation: What pain, discomfort, frustration, threats and/or opportunities do you currently see or experience?
  2. How are you able to measure the current situation? Consider: employee survey results, performance statistics (#, % in sales, closing ratios, rejects, etc.), # of complaints/grievances and/or industry stats or performance standards.
  3. Describe your ideal future state: What would it be like if the situation in question 1 no longer existed?
  4. How would you measure success? Refer to the responses to question 2 and add others if appropriate.
  5. What would you like to do to address the current situation? How do you see going forward?
  6. What prevents you from doing this? What barriers stand in the way?
  7. How do you see Custom Training and Consulting Services being helpful?