Custom Training and Consulting Services offers a wide range of coaching services. Successful projects include:

  • Coaching a business group leader who has gone on to be the President of an international division of their corporation
  • Coaching an engineer who was struggling with client relationships to highly successful and productive client interactions
  • Coaching a general manager of a unit with major labor relations problems into a situation of relative harmony
  • Coaching an operations manager experiencing major communications problems resulting in significant team disharmony to a point where the team was performing at a high level and working well with the manager
  • Coaching an executive team through a strategic planning process over a period of several months
  • Coaching an executive group with significant dysfunctional behavior to a high performing, collaborative and productive team
  • Coaching the leadership team of a national corporation resulting in measurable performance improvements in a highly competitive business environment

Our coaching process includes the use of a wide range of instruments and questionnaires, 360 feedback process and interviews to gain a clear picture of the coachee’s current situation. The coachee is encouraged to identify specific development objectives which are captured in a detailed Personal Development Plan. Finally, a mutually agreeable schedule of regular (face-to-face and telephone) coaching meetings is followed over a period of generally three to six months. These meetings provide an opportunity to maintain a focus on the Development Plan objectives, track progress to date and offer assistance with challenges and struggles experienced by the coachee.